Archaeological treasures, world-renowned art galleries, cultural sites revealing themselves at every corner—it is no wonder that Rome is among the most throbbing and versatile cities in the world. However, the famous ‘eternal city’ is also an ever-evolving metropolis, a contemporaneous ‘treasure chest’ offering its visitors the opportunity to experience history while indulging in quality modern life trends.

Music concerts and theatrical performances with ancient sites as a backdrop, verdant parks and picturesque Neoclassical piazze with ornate fountains, spectacular architecture, fine restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, and glamorous fashion shops—along with its friendly people and a wonderful Mediterranean climate— will make it easy to fall head over heals in love with Rome.

Sightseeing in the Italian capital will unfold before your eyes a breathtaking panorama to explore, and take in the whole spectrum of Roman culture. Discover ancient ruins, medieval streets, Renaissance & Baroque masterpieces merging with modern structures to create a fascinating destination of unrivaled splendor. 
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Wyndham Rome Midas
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